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VidBistro adds relevant video content to your site without disrupting the user experience.

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Simple set up

Configure your video feed one time with a few lines of code — we'll take it from there. VidBistro will automatically inject monetized content and manage your yield.

Audience-targeted content

See greater returns and audience retention with a continuously optimized video feed. VidBistro enhances your site with relevant content instead of traditional distracting ads.


Customize and adjust your feed by defining implementation types, related categories and crawl options. If there's a particular video you'd like to not show, you can control that too.

VidBistro for Advertisers

Build the audience you want for your videos when you want it. VidBistro can help optimize your clips for greater audience retention and return.

VidBistro for Publishers

Engage users by adding relevant video content to your site and monetizing that engagement without distrupting the user experience.